personal belongings
They say the most important things in life are not things.

Nevertheless I asked my friends to think about their personal belongings and choose one item. After the photoshoot everyone was asked to word their choice in a couple of sentences.

It all happened back in 2008.

10 years later I did it again — let's see what has changed!
2008: coffee machine
I've made coffee with this machine for over 7 years. If it broke down, I'd go mad. Or buy a new one ;)

2018: coffee machine
Personal belongings — electronics, cars or even apartments — were changing rapidly since 2008 but none of them became an object of affection though. Hence I'm portrayed with the same coffee machine — the only item I'm passionate about. It was bought in 2000s and I might have bought a newer version several times since then, but there's nothing like this one on the market now. Who knows maybe one day there'll be a portrait of my kids with this coffee machine! :)
2008: boxer gloves
Sad, but true: it helps me to overcome my anger. Turning the other cheek is not for me, I'm more into punching first :) This is pure adrenaline!

2018: Jack London's book
It didn't take me long to figure out what to choose for this project. No analysis needed: words won't reflect the 'feel' of these stories. A photo is more than enough.
2008: parrot's feathers
These are the last of my parrot. I loved him so much.

2018: bicycle
A bicycle is all about freedom — this is what it means to me!
2008: ice cream
Everybody loves ice cream — I'm no exception: my family and I used to go to the Baskin Robbins cafe every weekend. Unfortunately one day we found it closed. Luckily soon another cafe was opened and the tradition continued: now my girlfriend and I eat ice cream almost daily. By the way, praline is my favorite flavor.

2018: scooter
I didn't even think of using a scooter a few years ago. Everything changed thanks to a number of its pros: a compact, eco friendly device perfect for urban commutes. Now in 2018 I got a pic with this scooter: let's see how things change over the next 10 years when we probably go for another version of this project.
2008: family portrait
This is my family portrait — one of the few shots where we are all portraited together. And family is above all.

2018: camping tent
Traveling is a considerable part of my life: new places help to discover feelings and emotions that are hidden deeply inside us in everyday life.
2008: digital camera
I brought a digital camera since photography occupies most of my free time: it's my companion and assistant at the same time.

2018: stroller
My daughter Anna strictly demanded changing my lifestyle — this is how I stopped watching films or listening to music late at night. Then my wife and I were taught the art of waking up at the dead of the night. Then I rented an office since it was impossible to work at home the way I used to — my cabinet was turned into a playground.
As you see Anya's birth was a turnaround for me. Now my daughter and I like to go for walk, wordlessly discussing new projects, picturing summer leisure in the country and thinking about the importance of a Family.
2008: a basketball
Not the most pricy one, but very valuable to me. Always by my side ready to jump or help me in passing time or achieving new level in basketball. This is my favorite item since I simply can't imagine my life without it.

2018: a basketball
As a matter of fact coming up with an idea of a single item — a truly vital one — is a bit complicated. Still this ball is irreplaceable: keeps connecting me with my favorite occupation.
2008: sneakers
Why sneakers? They give me freedom. There are no frontiers and I can move the way I like. I can do what I like most — dance — and express myself through it. And this is freedom!

2018: sneakers
So many things have changed over this decade: countries, conditions, mood but not these personal belongings. Feels like an ordinary thing but they were of great help during hardcore obstacle course races or happy long walks with my kid. Freedom is in details as it turns out! :)
2008: stuffed toy
I was thinking about my favorite item for quite a time! This Mickey Mouse toy was given to me when I was born which means that he's 19 years old (so as I am).

2018: stuffed toy
Being asked to pick my favorite item I started to think of gadgets I use everyday but quickly realized that none of them could be called truly important or vital to me. All of a sudden I saw my daughters playing with Mickey Mouse toys — the ones I bought them recently — and I realized that this Mickey from my childhood years had started influencing the next generation already :))
Imagine that you take part in this project.
What item would you choose?
Now let's see what we got from our guests so far:
+ stockings
+ favourite mug
+ Old Soviet desk lamp
+ headphones / i just love cutting myself from the world
+ Elmo the stuffed toy
+ backpack
+ avocado
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